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M3M Capital Walk

Sector 113 Gurgaon

A perfect show window for every retail brand is M3M Capitalwalk. The four floors of retail offer customers a variety of options for indulgence. This one-of-a-kind architectural landmark with excellent site access conditions, both above and below ground, will create a lucrative retail opportunity for the investors in everything from clothing to jewellery, food to entertainment.

By creating the first-ever high-street experience on the Dwarka Expressway-M3M Capitalwalk, M3M is prepared to raise the bar once more. A massive landmark will welcome you with an iconic grand frontage, 876 shops, and great entertainment and dining options to indulge in. The design is inspired by strip malls to give each storefront a greater presence and maximum visibility.

  • The 1 Km Long Retail
  • A perfect mix of retail and F&B
  • Double-height showrooms
  • Multiple entries to the project
  • Massive frontage for an awe-inspiring experience


Lower Ground Floor

Total Rate Per Sqft.31,900 + PLC Applicable

Ground Floor

Total Rate Per Sqft.50,000 + PLC Applicable

Upper Ground Floor

Total Rate Per Sqft.26,400 + PLC Applicable

First Floor

Total Rate Per Sqft.20,900 + PLC Applicable

Second Floor

Total Rate Per Sqft.14,300 + PLC Applicable

Third Floor

Total Rate Per Sqft.13,900 + PLC Applicable


  • 1Spread Over 16 Acre
  • 2Double-Height Showrooms
  • 3Massive frontage for an awe-inspiring experience
  • 4A Perfect mix of Retail and F&B
  • 5Multiple entries to the project
  • 61km Long Retail with 876 Shops
  • 7Design with Superior Connectivity
  • 8Widest Frontage of India
  • 9Located In Dwarka Expressway
  • 10Near To Delhi Airport
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Floor Plan

Location Map

  • 13 mins Travel Time to Asia’s Largest Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • 25 mins Travel Time to Diplomatic Enclave II
  • 37 mins Travel Time to International Airport (IGI)
  • 47 mins Travel Time to Delhi’s Transportation Hub
  • 515 mins Travel Time to International Sports Complex
  • 620 mins Travel Time to South Delhi

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